July POWerful Word – MENTAL STRENGTH – Week 3

When we are having a tough time doing a skill or we are having a bad day, the thoughts in our head can either help us feel better or make us feel worse. We call those ugly thoughts that make us feel worse;’ “stinkin’ thinkin’ because they stink! Let’s decide, if the following ways are thinking are helpful or “stinkin’ thinkin!” (1) “I stink at everything!” Is this helpful or stinkin thinkin’? Stinkin’ thinkin’! When we are having trouble with one skill- we can’t generalize and say “everything” is bad. What can we say instead? (2) Imagine you are in class and your teacher/coach corrects your form or footing and you think; “My coach/teacher doesn’t like me. I’ll never get this right!” That’s…stinkin’ thinkin’! What do we say instead? (3) A friend tells you that someone said they didn’t like her art project and now she thinks she’s not that good in art. What would you say?

If you have time: When have you ever changed your thoughts from negative to realistic or positive?