July POWerful Word – MENTAL STRENGTH – Week 4

When things don’t go the way we want them to go, we can either take action and do something that is helpful and productive or we can do something that is unhelpful or even harmful. For example, if someone gets so angry that they bunch a hole in the wall, this is harmful both to the wall and to that person’s hand! So tell me… (1) If you were on a team and your team lost at an important event or when playing an important game, what action might you take that would be harmful (i.e. scream at your team, yell at the judge/ umpire/person in charge) and what could you do instead, that would be helpful (i.e. breathe, hug a friend, find out how you could do better next time)? (2) Your friend is nervous around dogs. S/he gets invited, along with you, to a birthday party, and a dog will be at that friend’s home. What are the harmful vs helpful things that friend could do to help him or herself? How we choose to act can make a difference! How have YOU shown mental strength?

If you have time: You entered a contest but didn’t win. You are upset. What are the harmful vs helpful actions you can take right now?