July POWerful Word – PERSEVERANCE – Week 1

Someone remind me what it means to set a goal. Some goals don’t take a very long time to achieve and don’t take all that much ef- fort. Can you think of anything that came easy to you when you tried it? Other goals take a longer time and a lot more effort to achieve. What is a goal that you have set– one that you really want to achieve and that takes some time and effort (i.e. ride a bike, become a teacher, win a Spelling Bee)? In order to achieve that goal, you must persevere, meaning, you can’t quit. You must stick with that goal until it’s achieved. Will you do that? The one who achieves the goal is…the one who perseveres! Let’s repeat that! What is a goal that you set in school or here in our class that you’ve already achieved? How do you feel about achieving it? Did it take hard work? You persevered! When we commit & don’t quit, you can achieve your goals!

If you have time: What do you want to be when you grow up? HOW must your persevere to achieve that?