July POWerful Word – PERSEVERANCE – Week 2

Today we’re talking the reasons people quit. What are some reasons people might stop working on their goals? (1) One reason someone might stop persevering is because they are scared. What might scare them (i.e. failure, falling, succeeding–> change, higher expectations)? Have you ever felt scared while working on a goal- what did you do about it? Is fear of failure or change a good reason to quit? Some people say that F.A.I.L. stands for “First Attempt in Learning.” Why do you think they call it that? (2) Some people might feel like quitting because they are overwhelmed, over- scheduled and feel like they have too many things to do. Have you ever felt like that? What can we do when we feel overwhelmed? We can prioritize. What’s that (i.e. work on most important items first)? How do you know what to do first? You can persevere!

If you have time: Share a time when you were scared while working on a goal. How did you overcome it?