July POWerful Word – PERSEVERANCE – Week 3

Today let’s talk about what helps us stay on track to completing our goals. (1) First, support. Think of the people in your life that keep you motivated and encourage you to persevere. Who are they (i.e. parent, teacher, friend)? When we have support and people who cheer us on or help us, how does it help us to persevere? (2) We also must have something called “passion.” Do you know what it means to have “passion” for a goal (i.e. love it, care about it, want to do it, think about it)? How can really liking what you are doing help you to persevere? Great! (3) Taking action also helps us to persevere– when we take steps to reach our goal, it keeps us interested, excited, and moving forward. What kinds of actions are you taking to help you achieve your goal in class (i.e. practice, questions, self talk)?

If you have time: What are the actions you are taking to help persevere and achieve one of your other goals?