July POWerful Word – PERSEVERANCE – Week 4

Let’s say that there are 2 people who have the same goal here in our class. One of the people is the most talented but lacks perseverance. The other is not as talented but always perseveres. Who do YOU think is more likely to achieve the goal? As Dr. Robyn Silverman says; “Talent gets you to the starting line…perseverance gets you to the finish!” What do you think that means? Think of the goals you have achieved in the past (i.e. ride a bike, win a competition, learn a new skill). What helped you to persevere? If someone doesn’t persevere and consistently quits before completing their goals, what might people think about that person, their work ethic and their ability to complete goals? How do you want people to think of you and your ability to achieve goals? Let’s persevere!

If you have time: What does it say about you as a potential leader if you persevere during challenges?