July POWerful Word – PERSISTENCE – Week 1

Some of you may have heard us talk about a “sister word” to persistence called “perseverance.” Perseverance means “never give up” and “keep going until you reach your goal.” Persistence is very similar however, the extra piece that’s a big part of persistence that we need to highlight here is that you keep trying and trying and trying even if you fail. Someone who is persistent will keep studying, keep asking questions, keep practicing, keep asking for help and they will keep getting up even after they fall and fail. The persistent little brother/sister will keep asking you to play even after you say no because s/he hopes, eventually, you will say yes! When have you shown persistence in learning a skill at school, outside or school or here in class? What did you do over and over again until you reached your goal? That shows persistence!

If you have time: Just like a baby bird might fall before he flies, tell us about a time when you failed before you succeeded. How did you feel when you succeeded?