July POWerful Word – PERSISTENCE – Week 2

People stop showing persistence and quit before reaching their goals for many reasons. What gets in the way of our persistence? (1) Fear: Think of the “scary” aspects of going after a goal. What might stop someone from trying again and again (i.e. fear of disappointing, failing, fear of advancement, change, someone might laugh at them)? How might fear get in the way of showing persistence and reaching a goal? Have you ever been scared when working on a goal– what scared you? What did you do about it? (2) Overwhelmed: Some people feel like quitting because they have so many things to do and they don’t think they can do them all. Have you felt overwhelmed before? When we have goals, we need to work on the most
important things first. That’s called prioritizing. How do you know what to do first? When we prioritize, we know which areas deserve our focus and persistence first!

If you have time: Share a time when you were scared while working on a goal. How did you overcome it?