July POWerful Word – PERSISTENCE – Week 4

Sometimes we need strategies to help us deal with our goals and help us to stay persistent when we are feeling frustrated or we keep making mistakes. Have you ever felt like giving up or quitting? We all have. The key is to stay in control and not let the fear, frustration or pressure take over. Here’s what we can do: (1) Talk to ourselves! How can “talking to ourselves” help to calm us down, keep us focused and help us to stay persistent rather than quitting? What can we say to ourselves (i.e. you can do this, just do your best, you’ll figure it out)? When you’ve been frustrated and overcome with a feeling of wanting to quit, what have you said to yourself to help? (2) You can also talk to a friend, mentor or adult. How can confiding in a mentor, teacher, friend or parent help you to calm down and stay persistent? When have you done this?

If you have time: How do you feel when you show persistence? What does is say about you?