July POWerful Word – RESILIENCE – Week 1

Think about an elastic band. You can stretch it out, twist it, pull it– and what happens when you stop stretching it? It bounces back. Just like an elastic band, resilience allows us to “bounce back” when we are pulled out of our comfort zone. Does anyone know what a “comfort zone” is? A comfort zone is a place or situation when you feel completely at ease with no stress- life is easy in the comfort zone but not exciting, challenging or growth-producing. When we go out of our comfort zone by trying something new or putting ourselves in a tough situation, we build our resilience. Have you ever tried something new or did worked on a tough skill that was out of your “comfort zone?” Why wasn’t it comfortable at first? What did you say or do to encourage yourself? When we bounce back & try again, we are using RESILIENCE.

If you have time: What is something you have tried again after failing the first few times? Excellent!