July POWerful Word – RESILIENCE – Week 2

We have small and big problems to solve everyday. We need to try something new, figure out how to do a skill, finish a project for school when we have a short amount of time to do it, reach something on a high shelf- and many more! When we are faced with trying something new or solving a problem, I want you to THINK through it. First, ask, what is the real problem? Second, think through the solutions- what could work? Third, try the solutions! Keep trying until something works! That’s what resilience is all about, right? Let’s say you are having trouble here in class with one of your skills here in class. Go through the steps. What is the REAL problem (be specific)? What are some solutions- brainstorm! Third- try the solutions! What will you try first, second and third? Why is it important to keep trying until you solve the problem? Great!

If you have time: You want to run in a difficult race- you’ve never done this before. (Go through the steps).