July POWerful Word – RESILIENCE – Week 3

Today let’s talk about what we can say to ourselves, how to hold our bodies and what we can do to face our challenges when situations get tough. Did you know what we say to ourselves in our heads- or what we say out loud when we are doing a challenging skill can help us stick with the skill? What can we say to ourselves when we are having a tough time (i.e. I can do it!)? We can also calm ourselves down by doing some specific skills in the moment. What can we do (i.e. take 3 deep breaths, imagine a calm place, flex and release our muscles)? We can also do something called “Power Posing.” That means standing in a confident way- like a super hero! Everyone stand up- and try a power pose (hands on hips & legs apart or arms in champion position- take up space!). Great!

If you have time: When can YOU use these skills? Let’s try them this week during class!