July POWerful Word – SPORTSMANSHIP – Week 3

Today, let’s talk about some of the actions that are unacceptable when competing. (1) Cheating: What does it mean “to cheat?” Cheating spoils the spirit of competition. Why do you think I say that? It’s not fun or fair when someone cheats. If we win by cheating, what does the win really mean? Does winning by cheating really make us feel like winners? (2) Rude or foul language: When people use rude or foul language during a competition, it ruins the spirit of the game. Why do you think I say that? We all get frustrated sometimes, but saying rude words is unnecessary. What can a competitor do instead if s/he is frustrated? What about when something seems unfair in competition- what can a competitor do instead of yelling out foul words? (3) Tantruming: What does it mean to “tantrum (i.e. scream, cry, stomp feet in anger)?” While it’s important to find ways to release frustration and stress, tantruming isn’t the answer. How can tantruming ruin the spirit of the game? What can we do instead? As leaders, we must show good sportsmanship!

If you have time: Have you ever been in a competition when someone acted in these ways?