August POWerful Word – CHARITY – Week 2

Now that we’ve talked about sharing our “treasures” with those in need – how about we talk about what we can give that costs no money at all. We can use our talents to help people in need. What is a “talent” (i.e. something you are really good at doing)? What are some things that you are good at doing (i.e. cooking, drawing, leading, teaching)? Think about how someone might use the following talents to help those in need: (1) Performing– like singing, dancing, playing an instrument? (i.e. play a concert to make money, entertain children, sing for lonely elderly)? (2) Fixing and building (i.e. fix and sell bicycles to give money, build houses for homeless)? (3) Drawing/painting? (4) Fixing teeth? (5) Teaching? What else can people do? How can you use YOUR talent to help a charity?

If you have time: How could a person help if their talent is (1) Cooking/baking; (2) Sports (3) Gardening