August POWerful Word – CHARITY – Week 3

While giving of our treasures and our talents is a wonderful way to help charities, sometimes, just sharing our time with others in need can be helpful. How do you think sharing your time can help charities? Think about those who would benefit from your time. How could you spend your time in a valuable way with (1) People who have to stay in the hospital (i.e. perform for them, tell them jokes, draw with them, read to them)? (2) Children who have special needs who are participating in Special Olympics or another sports program (i.e. cheer, be a coach, run with them, organize)? (3) Animals without families who are cared for in a shelter (i.e. walk them, clean cages, feed them)? How would YOU like to spend time to help those in need?

If you have time: If you were to do some charity work with your family, what would you choose to do– would you donate your treasures, talents or time?