August POWerful Word – CHARITY – Week 4

Some children feel like they can’t do anything for charity because they’re “just kids.” What do you think? Kids have started charities to collect coats, preserve the rainforest & donate books to homeless shelters. Here are some more stories! (1) To protect the local rainforests and endangered wildlife, two girls, Janine & Aislin sold painted rocks. Then, they opened the Kids Saving the Rainforest store to sell their artwork. All profits go to helping the rainforest and baby animals. (2) “Alex” Scott was diagnosed with cancer. When she turned four, she set up a lemonade stand to help her doctors find a cure. Now, thousands of people hold annual lemonade stands to support this charity. (3) When Hannah Taylor saw a homeless man eating out of a garbage can, she set out to collect money for homeless people. What can YOU do to help?

If you have time: If YOU didn’t have a home, what 3 things would you hope someone would give to you?