June POWerful Word – CONFIDENCE – Week 1

When you think of the word confidence–what people, words or images come to mind (i.e. a team captain, feeling sure, head held high)? Everyone feels confident at different times and in different places. Where and when do you feel the most confident and sure of yourself? Some people are confident in math or writing while others are confident in music or physical skills. What skill do you feel most confident doing and demonstrating? We all have strengths! We can feel confidence inside our bodies! Some people feel confidence in their chest, others in their backs, their heads or their guts, When you feel confident, where do you feel it and what does it feel like? You can also be confident in others or a situation- what are you sure of in your life? When we are confident, we believe in ourselves and others.

If you have time: Think of the people in your family. What are they most confident in doing? What about your friends? We all have strengths!