June POWerful Word – CONFIDENCE – Week 2

When we feel confident, we are more likely to try new things and meet new people. Who here likes to try new activities and learn new skills? Confidence allows us to take “healthy risks” & challenge ourselves in healthy, safe, positive ways. What is an UNHEALTHY risk? What kinds of new things might someone try when they are feeling confident (i.e. new food or activity)? What new (1) foods, (2) activities or (3) skills have you tried or learned lately? How did you feel before you tried them? After? Sometimes we don’t feel confident when we are about to do something we’ve never done before. How can we become more confident about something new (i.e. talk to a mentor/friend, talk to self, practice)! Who can support or encourage you? What can you say to yourself? Great!

If you have time: What advice would you have for a friend who wasn’t confident about a trying a new activity? Confidence often takes practice & time!