June POWerful Word – COOPERATION – Week 2

Today let’s talk about some cooperation skills that we need to use– especially if we want to be a leader. One skill is turn-taking. Think of the activities you do during the day– when do people have to take turns (i.e. asking questions in school, in sports, demonstrating, talking to parent, traffic patterns)? We said that cooperation is; “One task, many hands” so what is the task you are trying to get done together at school (i.e. learn and have fun doing it)? Here in class? What would happen if people didn’t take turns in your family, school, or here in class? Another important cooperation skill is listening. Can we hear what someone else is saying if we are talking at the same time? How do you know when someone is listening to you? How can listening help us to cooperate (i.e. convey wants/needs, etc)?

If you have time: When do adults have to take turns (i.e. traffic, lines)? How do your teachers cooperate?