June POWerful Word – COOPERATION – Week 4

When each person cooperates, everyone wins. As we say, “one task!” (“Many hands!”) When we cooperate we have more fun and get the job done! Think about it; if you have to clean up the park and you are doing it by yourself, it would take a very long time to do just a little bit of work. But if you had the cooperation of another person or a group of people, what would happen? For example, we do charity (giving to those in need) because some people need help. If there are people who don’t have enough to eat or wear, how can we cooperate and help? How could that make a difference? What is the reward for cooperation (i.e. Quicker, more fun, better results, more impact)? If everyone cooperates here in class, what’s the reward? What’s the reward for cooperation at home? Yes!

If you have time: What is one task, of which you were part, that succeeded BECAUSE of cooperation?