June POWerful Word – COURTESY – Week 1

There are many ways that we can show courtesy to our family, friends, and other people in our school and in our community. Today, let’s brainstorm some of these ways. Does anyone
know what it means to “brainstorm” (i.e. come up with lots of ideas all together)? Keep your ears open because I’d like you to choose a few courteous things you are definitely going to do this week, ok? What are some ways we can show courtesy; To our FAMILY when we (1) get up in the morning? (2) need someone’s help and their door is closed? (3) need to ask a question and the person is on the phone? (4) see a private book or paper on the floor that we aren’t supposed to read? Why are those courteous acts so important? To our FRIENDS: (1) When we see them at school? (2) When they look upset? (3) When we want to borrow something from them? Great!