June POWerful Word – HONESTY – Week 2

Another way to be dishonest is“cheating.” Someone remind us what it means to cheat (i.e. playing unfairly, passing off someone else’s work as your own). When might someone cheat (i.e.
on a test, in a game, in competition)? Why do you think people cheat: (1) During a game/sport (i.e. They want to win, they want to be seen as the best)? How might they cheat (i.e. hurt someone from the other team, change the score)? (2) On a test/quiz (i.e. Look at someone else’s test, sneak notes)? (3) To be chosen as a captain or a team, president/officer of a student
body or some other honor (i.e. Want to be the boss, want people to look up to them)? How might they do that (i.e. Gossip, tell others lies about the other person running)? How is cheating  like lying? What do YOU think of cheating?

If you have time: Some professional athletes have gotten in trouble for cheating and taking drugs to help them win. What do you think of that?