June POWerful Word – INTEGRITY – Week 2

It isn’t always easy to keep our promises. However, people with integrity try their hardest to keep their promises unless something happens that makes it impossible to do so. They keep their promises to others, commitments to their activities and promises they make to themselves. What is a promise that you have made to yourself or others? Finish this sentence: “When I make a promise, other people….” (i.e. trust me to follow through, expect me to do it). Now let’s switch the sentence: “When I make a promise, I…” (i.e. follow through, know others are relying on me). What does following through with your promises tell people about your integrity and the type of person you are? Great! What promises have other people made to you? What commitment have you made to yourself, your teachers and the students here in this class (i.e. never quit)? Keeping your promises shows integrity!

If you have time: When people make promises to a group/team, what do you expect of them? How important is it that they keep those promises?