June POWerful Word – INTEGRITY – Week 3

Does anyone know what “integrity” has to do with “being ourselves?” We need to say what we mean and mean what we say– and what we do needs to represent exactly who we are. How else can we stay true to ourselves, our values and our word? Sometimes people are afraid to be themselves around friends. What would make people afraid to be themselves (i.e. fear others will laugh)? The most important thing you can do for yourself is to be yourself– 100{1d96d231ab15286cc2909578709a2dba1f05c1bc2821770822e5433a4504f686} of the time. There is nobody exactly like you! What 3 words describe you? What are your favorite things to do? Who do you feel that you can be yourself with– and don’t need to pretend to be anything else but exactly YOU? When we are completely ourselves and stay true to who we are, it’s called being “authentic.” (Repeat) When we are authentic, it shows we have integrity & confidence in who we are. Are you YOUR authentic self?

If you have time: Have you (or someone you know) ever felt pressure to act “different” than themselves?