June POWerful Word – LEADERSHIP – Week 1

In your own words, what is a leader? A leader is someone who knows what s/ he wants, makes good choices, and sets important goals. A leader is also someone that other people choose to follow. John Maxwell, a leadership expert, expressed it this way; “A leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” So (repeat) leadership means…KNOWING the way! …GOING the way!…& SHOWING the way to others! What does this mean (i.e. finds right way to go, good example)? What do you think is an important part of being a good leader (i.e. character, fair)? Leaders don’t assume that they know everything. What does a leader do when s/he doesn’t have the answer (i.e. research, ask)? A leader doesn’t just boss people around and tell others what to do. A leader thinks “WE” not “ME!” (Repeat) Describe how a great leader thinks and acts (i.e. fairly). How should a leader make other people feel (i.e. like they matter, they have good ideas)? How can you be a leader when (1) Someone needs help (i.e. help, get help). (2) Your little brother/sister/cousin is scared.

If you have time: What does a leader do (1) At home, (2) At school and (3) Out in the community?