June POWerful Word – LEADERSHIP – Week 2

Leaders have to use their brains a lot– but you know what else they need to use? Their ears! A leader must know how to listen. When a leader listens, they have their ears…OPEN… their eyes…OPEN and their mouth…CLOSED when someone else is talking. (Repeat). Why do you think it’s important for leaders to listen (i.e. hear people’s ideas, wants)? How do you know when people are listening to you (i.e. look at you, nodding, able to repeat, add on)? How do you know when people are NOT listening? What kinds of distractions can make it difficult for people to listen (i.e. thoughts in head, noises, phone)? Great listeners- (1) Create a safe place where someone can confide in them. What does that mean? (2) Ask; “would you just like me to listen or would you like my advice? Why is this an important question (i.e. sometimes people just need a “sounding board”)? (3) Ask questions that get people talking. What kinds of questions can you ask (i.e. What do you want? What would you change?). And, ask yourself; “Am I the kind of leader that I would want to follow– are you?

If you have time: Good leaders also need to know who to listen to– Who do you go to for advice and help?