June POWerful Word – SPORTSMANSHIP – Week 1

Many of you compete in different games, contests and events throughout the year. Can you tell me some of the ways you compete (i.e. board game, team meet, spelling bee)? In any competition, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Have you ever won while competing? Have you ever lost? We all have. How does it feel to win? Sometimes, when people win a competition, they forget to show respect to other people. Have you ever seen someone behaving like a rude winner? What were they doing (i.e. bragging, making fun of others,
criticizing)? How does these actions make other people feel? How do YOU behave when you win– what do you say or do? We need to ask ourselves, how would I want someone to act if I was on the losing side? To show sportsmanship, we must be respectful to others whether we win or lose.

If you have time: If you had a teammate or a friend who was continually bragging or being disrespectful when s/he won, what would you say or do? Has this happened?