June POWerful Word – TRUSTWORTHINESS – Week 1

What does it mean to “trust” someone (i.e. count on them, know they’ll do it)? As “powerful students,” we can say that we trust people who are R.A.D. R is for reliable– which means people can…rely on you to do what you say you’re going to do! A is for accountable– which means people can…count on you to make things right when you make a mistake. And D is for dependable– which means people can depend on you to make good choices. One of the actions that trustworthy people take is they tell the truth. What do you think telling the truth has to do with trust (i.e. you can’t trust a person who lies to you)? Why do you think that some people lie? When have you told the truth even when it was hard to do? When we are trustworthy, we are deserving of someone’s complete faith, belief and confidence.

If you have time: Do your good friends tell you the truth even when it’s hard? Do you think friends should tell the truth– what makes you say that?