June POWerful Word – TRUSTWORTHINESS – Week 2

Today we’re talking about keeping and breaking promises. What does “keeping promises” have to do with trust? Sometimes we make promises to DO something for someone. What kinds of things do you promise to do– and to whom (i.e. clean room)? Other times we make promises to NOT do something. What kinds of things do you promise NOT to do (i.e. won’t be late, won’t use without permission)? Finish this sentence: “When I keep a promise, other people…” (i.e. trust me, give me responsibility) What are some reasons that people break promises (i.e. emergency, weather, better offer)? When do you think it’s OK to break a promise? Finish the sentence; “When I break a promise, other people…” Trustworthy people keep promises– and break them only when necessary!

If you have time: Trust walk! Partner up the students. One partner closes his eyes while the other student leads them around the room by voice “right/left/forward/turn.”