June POWerful Word – TRUSTWORTHINESS – Week 3

Today let’s talk about stealing. How does stealing relate to trust? What might people steal from school? Home? From our class? Has anyone ever stolen something from you?
Sometimes people steal “things” like games, clothes, money or equipment. Why do you think someone might steal (i.e. want it, can’t afford)? Sometimes people don’t steal material items but instead steal other people’s ideas. People can steal ideas by copying off a friend’s paper, copying a section from a book/internet and saying it’s their own, or using an idea they overheard someone else talking about to a friend. Has that ever happened to you? Do you know the word for this? It’s called plagiarism (/plājərizəm/). What are the “consequences” for stealing at school? Home? Store? Trustworthy people don’t steal!

If you have time: If you saw a good friend stealing something that wasn’t his/hers, what would you do?