June POWerful Word – TRUSTWORTHINESS – Week 4

There are many rules to follow at home, at school, here in class, and out in the community. Your parents, teachers, and other people in the community need to follow rules and laws as well. What are the reasons we need so many rules/ laws? Rules/laws aim to keep our community safe and fair for everyone. What kinds of rules do we need to follow at home (i.e. clean up mess, bed by 8pm)? In school (i.e. no running in the halls)? Out in the community and on the roads (i.e. stop at red lights, no littering)? Here’s the tough question– what do rules have to do with trust? We have to trust that people follow the rules even when nobody is watching them. What might happen if we DID NOT follow the rules when the people in charge weren’t watching?

If you have time: What would happen if we only followed the rules here in class when a teacher/coach was watching us? What would that say about trust?