June POWerful Words – COURTESY – Week 3

Today we’re talking about meeting new people. When we meet new people, we want to make sure we use courtesy. When we are courteous and kind, people will want to get to
know us better, right? Do you want to get to know people who are rude, thoughtless and careless? Of course not. How can you start a conversation with someone? (1) Introduce yourself! “Hello, my name is _______.” (2) Ask questions! What can we ask (i.e. what’s your name, how are you)? (3) Find something that you have “in common.” What does that mean (i.e. You like that book/movie/color? Me too!)? (4) Give an honest compliment. What’s a compliment (i.e. say something nice about the other person)? What are some examples (i.e. Cool shoes- where’d you get them?) Put it all together!