June POWerful Words – COURTESY – Week 4

We know that it’s important to say “please” and “thank-you” to others. Please and thank you are ways to show courtesy. What do you think makes these words powerful and important?
When have you used those words recently at home or in school? As leaders, we need to go beyond “please and thank-you” especially as you get older and more of the younger students are looking to you to see how they should act. One way we can show courtesy through words is to ask, “how can I help?” When and with whom do you think you can use this powerful question…(1) At home? (2) At school? (3) In our class or school? or (4) Out in the community? We can also use the phrase “you’re welcome” or even better, “it’s my pleasure” when someone says thank-you to us. When and with whom can you use these phrases?

If you have time: Why do you think many people don’t use these courteous words with friends and family? Why do you think you SHOULD use them?