March POWerful Word – Anger Management – Week 1

Everyone gets angry. It’s normal. What does your face and body look likewhen you get angry (i.e. eyebrows down, teeth/fists clenched, frown)? When we get angry, it’s important
that we don’t trap that anger inside– we need to let it out. However, we can’t let it out in an unsafe or unfair way. Some people get quiet when they get angry. Other people get loud and scream. Still others may hit, push, break something or make other unsafe or unfair choices. What is the consequence if we do something unsafe/unfair when we are angry? What kinds of things make people angry (i.e. being told ‘no,’ being left out)? What is one thing that has made you angry? Anger is a way to show feelings like hurt, frustration, fear or guilt. Anger management is handling anger in a safe and appropriate way.