March POWerful Word – Anger Management – Week 3

There are lots of techniques to “release” or deal with anger that are both safe and fair. Sometimes we can talk to ourselves or count backwards. Other times, it can helpful to do something
physical with our bodies to get deal with the anger. That means hitting a pillow, doing push-ups, or…what else (i.e. running, exercising)? Have you ever does something physical to get the anger out? We can also do something called “Tense and Release” to release out anger. For example, if we had anger in our hands, we could ball up our fists, then take a breath, and release
all that anger out of your hands so that they are relaxed. Let’s do that now. Let’s do the same thing with our faces– show me angry faces- now relax them. Now with the whole body– show me an angry body– tense– and release. We can keep doing this so that all the anger leaves our bodies. That’s anger management!