March POWerful Word – ANGER MANAGEMENT – Week 4

When we’re angry, it’s normal to make mistakes. We can look at these mistakes and see how we can improve. We can ask ourselves: (1) What did I do well? (2) What could I do better? and (3) What can I do now? Let’s say: Someone felt left out at school. S/he got so angry that s/he wouldn’t talk her friends. S/he spoke to a favorite teacher about it and felt better. What did s/he do well? What could s/he have done better? What should s/he do now? Sometimes we need to confront the issue and talk to the person about it. Rather than screaming “stop!” We can say; “It makes me feel angry/hurt when you ___. Would you please ___? Now you are saying what you don’t want AND what you want! Imagine your friend is making a lot of noise while you are doing homework/project- how can you confront him/her? When can you use this skill?

If you have time: What if we don’t deal with our mistakes or apologize (1) To friends (2) In class?