March POWerful Word – HEALTH – Week 2

Food is the fuel for our bodies. What do you think I mean by that? Food, like gasoline in a car or bus, is the fuel that give us ENERGY to go. Say ENERGY! It also can help us grow tall and repair our bodies when we get hurt. Does it matter what kinds of foods we eat? Yes! Just like a car or bus, we have to put the right fuel in our bodies to make them work right. A “healthy diet” consists of eating a variety of healthy (nutritious) foods. “Nutritious” foods give our bodies what they need. (Note: The USDA’s “my plate” has been included for your reference if you would like to use it in this lesson plan). What are the main food groups we should eat each day (i.e. grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy, lean proteins)? Name some examples of foods that fall into each group. What are your favorites?

If you have time: How do you feel when you eat nutritious foods? Is it OK to eat cookies and chips, sometimes? Sometimes. But nutritious foods daily!