March POWerful Word – HEALTH – Week 4

This month, we have talked about many ways to stay healthy. Now let’s talk about unhealthy choices that can compromise or weaken our health. What happens to our bodies and brains when we: (1) Stay up late every night (i.e. feeling tired, unfocused, more likely get sick) (2) Eat meals or touch our faces without washing our hands first (i.e. spreading germs) (3) Eat lots of sweets and salty foods and refuse to eat vegetables and fruits (i.e. not getting vitamins, feeling sluggish) (4) Watch many hours of TV or play a lot of video games each day (i.e. affects brains, keeps us from exercising/ socializing) (5) Refuse to exercise our bodies (6) Smoke (i.e. impacts lungs, heart, etc) (7) Take drugs. (8) Hold in our anger, frustration and sadness. When it comes to health, make a healthy choice!

If you have time: Who is a positive role model in your life who makes healthy choices? What do you admire about that person? How are you a role model for others?