March POWerful Word – HONESTY – Week 3

There are consequences to our actions– whether we steal, cheat, lie or remain truthful, there are always consequences to our choices. What does it mean to have a “consequence?” Finish this sentence; “When I am truthful, I…” (i.e. feel relaxed, feel worried people might not like me, know I’m doing the right thing). Now finish this sentence; “When I am truthful, other people…” (i.e. trust me, want to spend time with me, tell me things, think I’m a goodie goodie). Being truthful typically has good consequences as it is a positive choice. Finish this sentence: “If I lie, cheat or steal, I…” (i.e. wouldn’t respect myself, would feel awful, would get into trouble). Now this one: “If I lie, cheat or steal, other people…” (i.e. wouldn’t trust me, would be surprised, would be disappointed). Is it worth it to be dishonest? Leaders are honest people!

If you have time: Think of your friends. How do you show that you are loyal, kind and trustworthy?