March POWerful Word – HONESTY – Week 4

Have you ever heard the expression “honesty is the best policy?” What do you think that means (i.e. honesty pays off, right thing to do)? Is it true– is honesty always best? While it’s very important to be honest, sometimes people don’t think honesty is best- do you feel that way? For instance, when we receive a present and we don’t like what we got, do YOU think it’s best to say to the giver of the present, “I think this is ugly?” Why (i.e. hurts feelings, doesn’t show gratitude)? What would you do in that situation (i.e. say thank you)? Is it dishonest to plan a surprise party and not tell the “guest of honor” about it? Why is this different? How do we know when it’s OK to not tell (i.e. all in good fun, when you know your parent would agree, safety/ fairness isn’t in question). Well done today!

If you have time: What should you say if someone makes you a meal and you don’t like it? Why?