March POWerful Word – INDOMITABLE SPIRIT – Week 1

Have you ever tried to learn something the first, second or third time- like doing a math problem or learning a skill here in class, and you just couldn’t master it? This happens to everyone- kids and adults, boys and girls, professional athletes, celebrities, parents– everyone. Some people choose to quit when they are faced with challenge after challenge. Some people choose to quit when they make mistakes. Why do you think that is (i.e. embarrassed, frustrated, poor self esteem)? Other people keep trying. They stay focused. They have a fire in their belly that makes them say, “I can do it” and “I won’t stop trying!” When we have an indomitable spirit, we have a “no-quit-go-for-it attitude.” (Repeat!) We persist. (Repeat!). Yes! We persist in the face of challenge and surge forward after failure. When have you faced challenges or made a lot of mistakes– or perhaps even failed the first, second or third time when trying to learn a new skill, and just kept trying? That shows indomitable spirit. What does it show? Indomitable-UNSTOPPABLE- spirit! (Repeat!)

If you have time: If you get frustrated when learning something new, what can you do?