March POWerful Word – INDOMITABLE SPIRIT – Week 2

People with indomitable spirit don’t give up when they come up against challenges! It’s not easy to achieve a goal, master
a skill or learn how to do a new task. You’ve got to work at it. Let’s talk more about those challenges today. (1) Fear: When going after a goal or learning a new task, sometimes people get scared. What might people be scared of when they are trying to learn something new or go after a goal (i.e. failure, embarrassment, success that pushes them to do something even newer)? What can you say to yourself when you are feeling nervous or scared in these situations (i.e. I’m okay! I’m safe! Keep trying! You can do it!) People with indomitable spirit look fear in the face– show me that indomitable spirit face right now- and take 3 deep breaths (let’s do that now), and talk to themselves with encouraging words, “I can do this!” (2) Distraction: Distractions can also get in the way of achieving goals. What are distractions? What are some examples of distractions (i.e. TV, a phone, friend)? If YOU have an indomitable spirit, what would you do if there was a distraction? Awesome!

If you have time: Talk about specific ways that your students can be persistent, focused and calm in class.