March POWerful Word – INDOMITABLE SPIRIT – Week 3

Nobody wants to fail. BUT failing is part of learning– and in fact, many leaders fail lots of times on the way to success! With their indomitable UNSTOPPABLE spirit, they learn from each failed attempt, adjust, and try again. (1) Did you know that Walt Disney was fired from his job as a newspaper writer for not being creative enough? He failed and then went on to later create Disney World, Disney Land and all of his loveable characters. What would have happened if he took other people’s words to heart and stopped trying? (2) Did you know that Harry Potter author, JK Rowling, got rejected 12 times for her famous book, Harry Potter? What if she took those words to heart and put the Harry Potter book in her drawer never to be seen by her fans? What does this tell you to do? (3) Did you know that when Colonel Sanders, who started the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise, tried to sell his chicken recipe and idea, he was told “no” over 1000 times! It actually wasn’t until his 1010th attempt that he get a “yes!”– at age 62! What does this tell you? Keep trying!

If you have time: Share how your school/academy/ gym feels about failure. How has failure helped you?