March POWerful Word – INDOMITABLE SPIRIT – Week 4

We’ve talked a bit about the voice in our heads that can either urge us forward or hold us back. This voice can serve an important role- it can be a cheerleader telling us to “go for it!” It can be our conscience telling us “this
is wrong- this is not the right way- tell the truth or this person doesn’t have your best interest in mind.” Does the voice inside your head urge you forward or tell you the right thing to do? Other times though, this voice can become fearful and negative- it might tell us’: “you’re too small, too weak, not good enough to get that right.” What we think in our heads can affect how we act. What do YOU say to yourself when you are working hard on a goal here in class or in school and you make a mistake– and you start hearing that negative voice in your head (i.e. I can do it. I will keep trying. My coach/teacher is here to help.)? And what can you say to yourself if that same voice gets scared & worried & says; “you should quit.” Talk back louder and say; “I can do it!” (repeat) “I am strong!” (repeat) “Mistakes don’t get me down!” “I am UNSTOPPABLE!”

If you have time: When and where can YOU talk to yourself and tell yourself “I can do it?”