March POWerful Word – PERSISTENCE – Week 1

When you hear the word “persistence,” what words or images come to mind? Someone who is persistent will keep studying, keep practicing, keep asking for help and keep getting up even after they fall and fail. When people are persistent, even when a task or goal gets tough– they don’t give up! They what? Don’t give up! The persistent little brother/sister will keep asking you to play even after you say no because s/he hopes, eventually, you will say yes! The persistent student/ athlete will learn the skill. The persistent writer or artist will keep at it until they create something that makes them proud. When have you shown persistence in learning a skill? What did you do
to achieve that goal? What is one tough thing you are working on now? That shows persistence! Persistence is the determination to keep on going even when faced with challenges or initial failure. In other words, “no matter how tough…I won’t give up!” (Repeat)

If you have time: Just like a baby bird might fall before he flies, tell us about a time when you failed before you succeeded. Everyone has experienced failure! How did you feel when you succeeded?