March POWerful Word – PERSISTENCE – Week 3

Just as there are barriers that can get in the way of our persistence and our goal achievement there are also many resources that help us to stay focused, determined and persistent on our path to achieving a goal.
(1) Support: Who in your family or among your friends/teachers cheer you on when you are having difficultly with a goal? When we have strong support, it’s easier to be persistent and stay focused on achieving our goals. (2) Passion: Have you ever heard the word “passion” before as it relates to going after goals? Passion is that fire in your belly that spurs you forward and keeps you focused even after failure and frustration. What goal are you passionate about achieving here in class, in school or in another area of your life? (3) Action: When we take action on our goal, we move forward! How can “moving forward” help us to keep trying? When we see forward movement, it’s easier to stay committed. What action have YOU taken lately to move you forward in your goal? Stay persistent!

If you have time: Think of a time when you were particularly frustrated with a goal. Who or what helped? It’s important to have strong support!