March POWerful Word – SELF-RELIANCE – Week 2

Think of the people who you see most often in your life– at home, at school, in our class and around your neighborhood. Some people help us to feel really sure of ourselves. They cheer us on and make us feel like we can do anything we put our minds to– who are the people in your life who help you to feel really sure
of yourself (i.e. parents, teachers)? What happens to your ability to be self-reliant, try new things and have confidence in yourself when you are around those people? Great! What do those people say to you when you are doing something new (i.e. You can do it! I have faith in you!)? Those people help you to be more self-reliant. They are your mentors, friends and uplifters. Surround yourself with these people! Now- let’s talk about the inner work we need to do. How can WE be our own cheerleader? Practicing our skills can also help us to become more self- reliant. How (i.e. go at own pace, break it down into sections, get comfortable)? Good!

If you have time: Talk about what you expect of your students in terms of practicing. How much?