May POWerful Word – HONESTY – Week 1

A big part of honesty is whether we tell the truth or we tell lies. What does it mean “to lie?” What do people lie about (i.e. grades, chores)? There are many reasons people might lie. Why do you think someone would lie about: (1) their grades/scores at school (i.e. think parents might get angry, think friends might make fun of them, think they will look “to dumb” or “too smart”)? (2) A mistake s/he made– and instead blame it on someone else? (3) Who they really are, what they really like to do and what they really don’t like to do– for example, when they are around a certain group of friends, they pretend to be just like those people and like the same activities they like– why? (i.e. Afraid people won’t like who they are, popularity, don’t want to feel different or weird)? It’s important to be authentic- the person you REALLY are. Why? We want people to know us and like us for who we really are! What happens in our minds and bodies when we tell the truth? We feel calm and free– and then we can take responsibility!

If you have time: Who do you feel you can be completely truthful with– and who will be truthful with you? What makes you feel that way?