May POWerful Word – HONESTY – Week 2

Another way to be dishonest is by “cheating.” Someone remind us what it means to cheat (i.e. playing unfairly or passing off someone else’s work as your own). When might someone cheat (i.e. on a test, in a game, in competition)? We all know that cheating is wrong– so why do you think people cheat: (1) During a game/sport (i.e. They want to win, they want to be seen as the best, they believe they will lose if they don’t, they believe they are “entitled” to win over others, they are afraid of failing)? How might they cheat in a game or sport (i.e. hurt someone from the other team, change the score)? (2) On a test/quiz (i.e. Look at someone else’s test, sneak notes)? (3) In a contest or competition (i.e. bribing the person who judges, hurting another team, destroying someone’s work)? What kind of cheating have you seen in school or out of school? If you knew your friend/teammate was cheating, what would you do or say? We must be honest- it is better to be honest & fail then to be dishonest to succeed.