May POWerful Word – HONESTY – Week 3

There are consequences to our actions– whether we steal, cheat, lie or remain truthful, there are always consequences to our choices. What does it mean to have a “consequence?” Finish this sentence; “When I am truthful, I…” (i.e. feel relaxed, feel worried people might not like me, know I’m doing the right thing). Now finish this sentence; “When I am truthful, other people…” (i.e. trust me, want to spend time with me, tell me things). Being truthful typically has good consequences as it is a positive choice. Finish this sentence: “If I lie, cheat or steal, I…” (i.e. wouldn’t respect myself, would feel awful, would get into trouble). Now this one: “If I lie, cheat or steal, other people…” (i.e. wouldn’t trust me, would be surprised, would be disappointed). What advice would you have for a friend who has lied but is feeling badly about it (i.e. tell the truth now- apologize for lying and promise to tell the truth going forward). There is always time to tell the truth. Is it worth it to be dishonest? Leaders are honest people!

If you have time: Think of your friends. How do you show that you are loyal, kind and trustworthy?